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AppToService AppToServiceRun regular applications as Windows Services4.40
AppToServiceOEM AppToServiceOEMRun regular applications as Windows Services4.40
BastaPix BastaPixScreen multi-capture tool1.20
Buzof BuzofAnnoying windows eliminator4.30
Deletor DeletorDisk cleaner and file shredder5.00
Filo FiloFile and folder properties editor4.39
Horas HorasWorld clock and time synchronizer6.38
Netoscope NetoscopeInternet services monitor2.60
Rascal RascalInternet connection manager and keeper3.15
RascalPro RascalProAdvanced Internet connection manager and keeper3.15
Rasputin RasputinInternet connection keeper3.28
Splitty SplittyRobust file splitter5.15
ZMover ZMoverDesktop layout manager8.00


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