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ZMover ZMoverTucows5 Cows - Top Rated
Deletor DeletorTucows4 Cows
Splitty SplittyTucows4 Cows
Horas HorasTucows4 Cows
Rasputin RasputinTucows5 Cows
Deletor Deletordownload.com5 Stars - Top Rated
Buzof Buzofdownload.com4 Stars
Horas Horasdownload.com4 Stars
Buzof BuzofPC WeltAnti-Nerv-Utilities Article
Netoscope NetoscopeSVMSélectionné dans Science & Vie Micro (SVM)
AppToService AppToServiceSVMLe best of des sharewares
Horas HorasSVMLe best of des sharewares
Netoscope NetoscopeSVMLe best of des sharewares
AppToService AppToServiceSoftpile"The Most Popular" Editors' Award
Buzof Buzofc'tEditor's Pick
Horas Horasc'tEditor's Pick
Unios Uniosc'tEditor's Pick
Rascal RascalZDNet5-Star Editors' Pick
AppToService AppToServiceZDNet5-Star Editors' Pick
Reglo RegloZDNet5-Star Editors' Pick
Filo FiloZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
ZMover ZMoverZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Buzof BuzofZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Sidi SidiZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Netoscope NetoscopeZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Horas HorasZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Splitty SplittyZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
RascalPro RascalProZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Unios UniosZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Rascal RascalZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
WhoSock WhoSockZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Deletor DeletorZDNet4-Star Editors' Picks
Horas HorasL'Officiel du NetSélectionné dans l'Officiel du Net N° 17
RascalPro RascalProWindows 2000 Magazine"Ask the Doctor" Article
Buzof BuzofJumbo!The Weekly 3 Pack
Netoscope NetoscopeJumbo!Program of the Day
AppToService AppToServiceInfoWorld"Opinions" Article
Horas HorasLe quotidien InternetLogiciel du jour
AppToService AppToServiceZDNet Deutschland5 Stars - Top Rated
Buzof BuzofZDNet Deutschland5 Stars - Top Rated
Rascal RascalZDNet Deutschland5 Stars - Top Rated
Reglo RegloZDNet Deutschland5 Stars - Top Rated
Horas HorasLogithequeLogiciel de la semaine
Sidi SidiThe Sonic Spot5 Stars - Top Rated
Buzof BuzofComputer UserFirst Looks and Sneak Peeks Article
Unios UniosComputer UserShareware You Can't Live Without Article
Buzof BuzofPC ComputingVanity Press Article
Buzof BuzofPC ComputingWeb Kahuna Article
Buzof BuzofWINFiles.comWINner 97!
Reglo RegloWINFiles.comGet It!
Sidi SidiWINFiles.comGet It!
Buzof BuzofWINFiles.comGet It!
Rasputin RasputinWINFiles.comGet It!
Horas HorasWINFiles.comGet It!
Buzof BuzofWINFiles.comTry It!
Rasputin RasputinWINFiles.comTry It!
Buzof BuzofWindows MagazineMust-Haves -- Shareware Utilities
Buzof BuzofWindows MagazineTop 50 Super Shareware, Communications Pick
Deletor DeletorPC World MagazineSharing the wealth Article
Horas Horaspcworld.comEditors' Pick
RascalPro RascalPropcworld.comEditors' Pick
Rascal Rascalpcworld.comEditors' Pick
Buzof Buzofpcworld.comEditors' Pick
Filo Filopcworld.comEditors' Pick
Splitty Splittypcworld.comEditors' Pick
Deletor Deletorpcworld.comEditors' Pick
Deletor Deletorpcworld.comTop Ten Desktop Accessories
Horas Horaspcworld.comTop Ten File Management Tools
Splitty Splittypcworld.comTop Ten Surfing Utilities
Buzof BuzofPC ShoppingTop Utility
Reglo RegloSoftSeekEditors' Pick
Rascal RascalSoftSeekEditors' Pick
Sidi SidiPass The SharewareFeatured Download
Netoscope NetoscopePass The SharewareFeatured Download
Splitty SplittyPass The SharewareFeatured Download
Rascal RascalPass The SharewareFeatured Download
Horas HorasPass The SharewareFeatured Download
Buzof BuzofPass The SharewareFeatured Download
RascalPro RascalProZDNetPreston's Pick
Splitty SplittyComputer LifeDownload of the day
Rascal RascalComputer LifeDownload of the day
Sidi SidiWUGNET - WINMMPick of the Week
Netoscope NetoscopeWUGNET - WINSHAREPick of the Week
Deletor DeletorWUGNET - WINSHAREPick of the Week
Splitty SplittyWUGNET - WINSHAREPick of the Week
Splitty SplittyWUGNET - WINSHAREPick of the Month
Horas HorasWUGNET - WINBIZPick of the Week
ZMover ZMoverWUGNET - WINPRODPick of the Week
Netoscope NetoscopeWUGNET - WINPRODPick of the Week
RascalPro RascalProWUGNET - WINPRODPick of the Week
Unios UniosWUGNET - WINPRODPick of the Week
Horas HorasWUGNET - WINPRODPick of the Week
Rascal RascalWUGNET - WINPRODPick of the Week
Rasputin RasputinFileDudes5 Dudes - Top Pick
Buzof BuzofPC FormatCover CD Article
Buzof BuzofPC Magazine ExtraTop 10 Internet Downloads
Rascal RascalThe New York TimesAn 'All You Can Eat' Price Is Clogging Internet Access Article
Rascal RascalAOLTop Pick
BastaPix BastaPixBlueChillies5 Stars - Top Rated
BastaPix BastaPixPlanetsoftsEditors' Pick
Splitty SplittyWeb Hosting SearchBest Web Tool - File Sharing category
Netoscope NetoscopePlanetsoftsEditor's Pick
BastaPix BastaPixGearDownload5 Stars - Top Rated
Deletor DeletorGearDownload5 Stars - Top Rated
Netoscope NetoscopeGearDownload5 Stars - Top Rated