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  • Orders are processed within two business days after collecting your payment.
  • If you don't hear from us, please check your SPAM folder before contacting us.

  • The installer includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software. It will automatically select the version matching your system.
  • Validated with the Windows App Certification Kit (ACK) for Windows compliance.
  • Packaged using an MSI Windows native and compliant installer.
  • Digitally signed with an Authenticode certificate to ensure its integrity and authenticity.
  • Unicode software with regional settings support.
  • Includes context-sensitive help support and a thorough searchable help guide filled with tips and examples (except for Filo and Rasputin).
  • Does not include adware, spyware, or any other malware technologies.
  • Scanned prior to publication to ensure that it is free of viruses. RSS Subscribe to the Basta RSS Feed and stay up-to-date with Basta software updates and services.

What is RSS?

The acronym RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed is a syndicated news feed that you can subscribe to.

Why should I use RSS?

Instead of visiting the Basta website periodically for software updates, you can simply subscribe to the Basta RSS feed from your browser and be alerted when software updates become available.

Where can I get more information on RSS?

On Wikipedia of course...

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PAD PAD (Portable Application Description) is a file submission standard defined by the ASP (Association of Software Professionals) to communicate information about software products to online communities, publishers and vendors. Feel free to link to our PAD files for your listing purposes: