Basta Customer Testimonials

I can't believe it's been almost ten years since I first purchased ZMover. It's a GREAT program and now I'm back for the Windows 7 version. Take care, keep up the good work and THANKS (again, and again and again....)

WKJ , Maryland , USA

Je tiens à vous remercier pour plusieurs raisons :
1) la qualité de votre produit "reglo". Je ne connais pas les autres.
2) pour votre rapidité à envoyer le numéro de licence.
3) pour votre message en français. C'est rare.

Louis Goguillon , Loire , France

I found Sidi when I visited your web site... I'm a registered user of Horas, and I like it a lot... it's small, fast, intuitive, and does exactly what I want, so I try and stop by every couple of months to see what you are up to. I have found Sidi to be the same type of program... small, fast, intuitive, and does exactly what I want... in this case play CD's and use the CDDB database automatically, and stay out of the way otherwise. The Japanese have a word for it... which of course I can't recall now that I want it... but it translates best as "simple but elegant". It is the heart of ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), among other things. I like programs like that... and Sidi and Horas both fit the bill. Thanks!

Russ Robinson , Hawaii , USA

Very impressive product (Buzof). I try somewhere around a billion products a year, shareware, freeware, and so forth. ( At least it feels like a billion. ) Very rarely do I find a product that does exactly what it claims and is easy to use and configure. I recommend this to all my friends.

Kendall Gray , Nebraska , USA

hi just wanted to say thanks for making the Rasputin pinger available for the 30 day trial. worked wonderfully. so im going to purchase it. thanks again.

Denzle Thompson , California , USA

I have comprehensively tested all available clock & international time tools and have found HORAS to be by far the best around. WELL DONE.

Jim Campbell , Perth , Australia

Thank you very much for your speedy service. My evaluation period expired on the 24th and I found I just couldn't surf the web without my Buzof cookie-rejecter in place! I've also used it for network access security audits and am sure to find many more uses for this fine code. Thanks again and good luck!

Ron Dwyer , Toronto , Canada

This should be available in retail stores... it's a great tool for any PC... I've told many of my friends... nice to see a great product from a local company... good luck! :>

John MacGregor , Vancouver , Canada

I had pictured exactly what I wanted and tried 10 desktop world clocks before I found yours - it's as if you read my mind. It's *exactly* the clock I needed: subtle, flexible, not ugly... unbelievably good. Thank you!!

Daniel Goldner , Minnesota , USA

There are certain programs that one might as well uninstall the operating system if missing. "Buzof" is certainly one of them.

Francis Thurber , New York , USA

Probably the cleanest software (Buzof) I've seen all year, Congratulations!

David Leader , Virginia , USA

Thank you for this little but very nice piece of work (Buzof). Just to let you know that in all the shareware that I have tried and dumped this is only the second that I am paying for. I used it for the time and now it has been disabled for about 3-4 weeks and I really miss it.

Bernard Nimeskern , USA

I bought your ZMover product and have been pleasantly surprised by it's easy to use interface and consistent operation. I have tried several solutions to this problem and yours is the only product that works well on my windows 7 x64 system.

Rob McRae , Vermont , USA

I tried *every* shareware clock available and yours (Horas) is by far the best of them all. Thanks for creating such a useful tool.

Jerry Greengold , Texas , USA

Your software is absolutely the best stuff I've ever tried. All of your programs should be standard features in windows. Thanks for great stuff.

Graham Syfert , Florida , USA

I have tried Rascal, Buzof and Horas - and I bought them. I'll be trying all the others, too. Your programs are great, but small in size and price! They are friendly to the simple user like me, nearly as friendly as your customers' service. Avec cela, j'ai tout dit - o como se dice aqui: BASTA!

Wolfer Chuy , Uruguay

I love HORAS! I use it personally all the time to track the world time zones of my friends.

Dave Crim , Missouri , USA

J'aimerai vous dire bravo pour votre produit "Horas". Il est pratique d'emploi et a toutes les fonctionnalitées dont ont a besoin et même plus. Ayant téléchargé plusieurs types de produits du même genre, il faut dire que "Horas" reste le meilleur, le mieux fini et le plus professionnel. En 2 mots, essayer "Horas" c'est l'adopter pour toujours.

X , Genève , Switzerland

Thank you for being so efficient and prompt in your services.

Joe Cole , New York , USA

I've just downloaded all your programs and they look realy great. They are small but not too small. I realy like them. Congratulations!

Tom Wellige , Dortmund , Germany

Too bad this Program's Name (ZMover) starts with a 'Z', as it was the last one I found, yet the only one of its type that worked to my satisfaction ;-) The extra 10 bucks is a tip for the programmer. What an excellent job he did. Thanks,

Rich Looke , Florida , USA

I tried the demo version of Rascal and found it invaluable in stopping time-outs with my ISP after leaving my connection open without activity for some time. I am completely satisfied with the program and have registered it as such. For anyone who spends many hours on the net with long periods between activities, I can't suggest the product highly enough. I sent payment via American Express postal check and in no time at all my registration number was Emailed to me. I will be keeping an eye on your homepage for any future software programs that may make life that little bit easier.

Chris Pattinson , Australia

Splitty is an excellent product -- very easy to use, and totally reliable. I am very pleased with it!

Matthew Hoffman , New Jersey , USA

Hey, guys - Splitty is great!!
Just what I needed for sending out large projects thru firewalls.

Jack DeLand , USA
America's Favorite WinHelp Guru ™

Love the program (ZMover). It is the only program I could find that would allow dual monitors to work easily and intuitively for my staff.

Jeff Zylstra , Michigan , USA
Dave Zylstra Agency, Inc.

ZMover has been an immense help with my new widescreen, and I will soon be adding the old monitor next to it. I can now concentrate on productivity, not on screen housekeeping. Thanks!

Dave Anthony , Tennessee , USA

What a relief for an AOL user. Buzof makes unlimited usage a reality and eliminates the agony of endless attempts to log on. Thank you so much.

Roy Sanders , USA

Rasputin is MESMIRIZING!! Thank your very much for your time and trouble!

Bruce Premo , California , USA

Your Rasputin Software is excellent. It makes using AOL a pleasure instead of a nerve wrecking chore.

Henry Getzoff , Florida , USA

After searching hundreds of different clock utilities and being disappointed I have never found a better clock than HORAS. This is an excellent utility, functioning far better than described. The options are excellent and add greatly to my desk top appearance and functionality. It's refreshing to find something that performs better than stated in it's description. I'm looking forward to purchasing additional products from BASTA. Thank you!

Mike Bennett , Illinois , USA

Just wanted to thank you for a super product (BastaPix) and a super service. It's a pleasure dealing with Basta Computing.

Samuel Guss , Maryland , USA

Your time utility (Horas) is an excellent utility that I will use constantly during my year long stay in China. Thanks in anticipation.

Nick Noble , Hants , United Kingdom

Hey cool name. Where ever did you get it. My brother and I were tripping out on the fact that there actually is a

Mark Basta , USA

I purchased Buzof in December of 1999 and I can't live without it (2009).

Ken O , Ohio , USA

To All Those at Basta Computing, The Rasputin Program is one of the most essential Internet Programs that anyone could install on their machines, and I promote this product to everyone I know. Now, whether or not they comply is either their benefit or their problem. However, those who do not take my advise really don't know what they are missing for just $10.00. I don't know of any program that is this exceptional for the dollar. Please keep me informed of any updates, or any new programs that are of this caliber. I am a Weather Graphics Specialist, and supply many fishermen of updated weather graphics and text information before they head out in the Gulf of Mexico. I also am a Photo Enhancement Specialist, and work on many peoples photos. So therefore, I am on the Internet quiet a bit, and on my computer almost constantly. If you have any other programs that you feel may benefit me in my work, please notify me. Have A Great Day!

Jimmy Ducote , Texas , USA

Your product (Horas) is the BEST that I have ever found. I work in an international department and constantly need to know what time it is (or will be) in another country. The fact that your product can be looked at at any time on any window makes it the BEST to me. I will tell everyone I know about your product!

Jennifer Bentson Vazquez , California , USA

Reglo was great before, now it is excellent!

Robert Kelly IV , California , USA

Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I am still very impressed with your Buzof software! I bought it a few years ago and frankly I would have a hard time using my computer without it... Keep up the good work all of you!!! Take care :-)

Daniel Auclair , British-Columbia , Canada

Rascal is the best connection-keeper type prog out there. Great work!

Darren Scala , Port Perry , Canada

I stopped using buzoff after the trial period, and I missed it so much I had to get it back! Thank you for a priceless utility!

Devin McRorie , South Carolina , USA

The Rascal Pro is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am using it in conjunction with a NT Proxy server to give my office internet access from a single phone line. It dials up and connects at 7:15 am and disconnects at 5:00 pm or redials if connection is dropped. I no longer have to be there to start or stop the access. Thanks again…

J. D. Doyle , Texas , USA

I have tried enough gadgets on the market to make your head swim, but this little guy (Rasputin) that sets in the corner of my screen is the best. Thanks guys and PC world where I found it at. You got the real thing here.

Donald Lohman , Indiana , USA

This (Rascal) is a very good little utility and priced about right. I am definitely bookmarking your site.

Thomas Teel , Texas , USA

We are using AppToService (OEM version) as part of our product and are very satisfied with the customizing and consulting work that has been done by Basta Computing. Thank you very much!

Sascha Busse , Cologne , Germany
ascertech AG

Splitty is the only program I've seen that can split files and accurately recreate them!!

Ed Lingerfelt , California , USA

Please keep up the great work! I know many people would love to use this software (ZMover) if they knew about it. Please make this software easier to find on Google! This software is your best software. It is God sent!!! Thank you for all your effort on this. Best of all, it's native Win 64bit!!!

Michael Avanessian , California , USA

There are other products that do basically the same thing, however, Buzof is easy and it WORKS. I had it running in 5 minutes after download. Thanks for a fine product.

J. B. Hillard , Florida , USA

ZMover is the best app I've used to organize my windows on a widescreen monitor with a single shortcut or automated.. thank you for making this a possibility.

Nolan Farah , Melbourne , Australia

I faxed my registration and credit card information to you earlier today. I am looking forward to receiving my key via e-mail. There is some urgency as I am going through Buzof withdrawal.

Peter Paxson , Texas , USA

I've used a program called Divide, but it runs in DOS mode, and I've used a Windows95 program called EzySplit that's slow and buggy.

Mark Robinson , Arizona , USA

Thanks for a product (ZMover) that has saved me a lot of time over the last 5 years!

Dave Anthony , Tennessee , USA

This (Rascal) is just what we were looking for...

Thomas Allensworth , Virginia , USA
Editor , AVSIM

GREAT product... ZMover does all that it claims to do.... flawlessly!

WKJ , Maryland , USA

Horas is definitely the best world clock software :)

Osamu Mihara , Tokyo , Japan

Thank you for such a wonderful little tool (Buzof). This is the first time i have ever purchased a product over the net. You have saved me probably only a few mins worth or time per day with the software i use at work to do my job but saved me HEAPS of stress.

Anthony Shannahan , Sydney , Australia

Your little clock (Horas) is the only one out there without a bunch of "features" that I don't need. Congrats for making a clock only. After trying World Time, and a few others, I settled on Horas because it works, doesn't crash, and does not hog up huge amount of resources... I wish more people though like you guys!

James Regenold , Texas , USA

Just wanted to let you guys know that Horas is the best clock program I have ever used. it does the job soo well and I simply cant live without it. Perfect app guys…

Anders Schroeder , Bondi Beach , Australia

I evaluated several other similar tools but still think that Buzof is the simplest in usage and most effective. I tend to not like the others because most of them are too complicated in usage compared to what the tool is supposed to achieve.

Bill Wang , California , USA

Rascal perfectly suits my purpose: small footprint, verrrrrry easy to use, does exactly what I wanted it to do, always tells me exactly what it has done and when, is inexpensive: always a plus, and, yes, you can quote me if you like.

Kem Cason , USA

You have a fantastic program and I am registered with you. Actually I am totally reliant on your program as I upload a lot of large files. Without Rasputin I would get disconnected EVERY time that I uploaded a large file. With Rasputin, I never get disconnected. Congratulations on creating such a program.

Paul Copeland , Victoria , Australia

Great software (Filo), easy to use, reasonably priced, gets the job done, and best of all ---> NO BUGS FOUND during the evaluation period! Keep up the good work!

Thomas Frye , California , USA

I recently purchased Horas and will be ordering Reglo soon. What a great world this would be if all software were as good as your stuff. Neat, clean, amazingly functional and without bull shit useless "features." Clearly you give serious thought to the products before jumping into the coding. Congratulations.

Joe Emmert , Florida , USA

This is the first shareware product ever for which I have felt and irresistible urge to send money. Just the automatic "No" response to cookie requests alone has immeasurably improved my quality of life. And, it actually worked the first time I used it! Please let me know if you develop any similarly virtuous (i.e., simple, effective, and indispensable) products.

Doctexas , Texas , USA

I'm most impressed with your service. You have some unique products, and I am a firm "BASTA BELIEVER"! I feel that you have (more than) tried to make a "HAPPY CUSTOMER"!

RuthAnn Wallace , Ohio , USA

Love this little guy (Rasputin)... He has made my day a lot easier. Thank you.

Katherine Dickson , Askansas , USA

What a great time and frustration saver (Buzof).

Alan Sproat , Texas , USA

It is a pleasure to work with Deletor and the level of support we have received is phenomenal.

Douglas Woolley , MA , USA
Network Administrator , Instron

Can't say enough about your ZMover product. My brother has already downloaded the trial version and decided to buy it. Truly an amazing, yet very simple tool for us power users! Works excellent for my personal use on 8 different monitors. Can't believe I have lived without it for so long and now I can't imagine us living without it!

Natalie Tompkins , Texas , USA

Unbidden dialog boxes are evil. Thanks for providing the forces of righteousness with a weapon (Buzof).

Michele Coleman , California , USA

I just wanted to say a few words about Buzof. From the early days when I first found it to now, I have not found one of better quality. I have spent much time on the internet and gladly would say this one is a winner and recommend it to everyone I run into looking for something like that. Thank you for such good work.

Sean Jurasek , Virginia , USA

As a software reviewer and consultant, I've been recommending ZMover for years. Glad to see you're keeping this vital product alive. ZMover saves me hundreds of mouse-clicks daily. And the price is just right... an easy impulse buy. Thanks!

Frank Lenk , Ontario , Canada
Computing journalist & Consultant

Had to buy it. Could not live without it anymore. On advertising-compulsive web-sites it is essential. It is just like having an "ad" detector on your TV which turns down the sound.

Steve Workman , Sydney , Australia

I tried this (Buzof) for a month and got used to it taking care of connection problems and cookies. It's now one of the few shareware programs worth it's money. Thanx for creating it!

Thomas Casbar , Ohio , USA

This is the first time I have ever registered shareware, but your product (Rasputin) is both useful and affordable -- good job!

Sam Walch , USA

AppToService is a very cute and yet highly effective program, and after only a very short time exprimenting with it, we have found that it does exactly what it says it does - right out of the box... GOOD JOB - we always love to find other developers who seem to have the same approach as ourselves to the quality of the software they develop and make available. !! We are now ordering the OEM version of AppToService for use with our NetCFax networked fax system to allow the Fax server module to run a Windows Service. AppToService has saved us a considerable amount of time, cost and effort by allowing us to run a standard desktop application effectively as a Windows Service. Thanks !

Ian Turner , Florida , USA
NetcPlus Internet Solutions, Inc.

I appreciate your quick response to my question regarding Rasputin, and would like to thank you for a program that I could offer no improvements to. It is small, simple to use and does exactly what I want it to. Not to mention inexpensive!

Marc Lemieux , Las Vegas , USA

Great program (Splitty)! I used it once, then signed on to register. Well worth the price. This is the way shareware should be.

Dan Schaller , Maryland , USA

This little beauty (WhoSock) has speeded up my internet access - a lot! The info gets put into a file called "hosts" in the Windows 95 directory and allows your browser to find the sites thus listed with great ease. I downloaded it, tried it, bought it. What more can I say!

Tom Porter , Scotland , United Kingdom

I will say this is the first time I have purchased software of this type. I find the Reglo ruler to be one of the finest functional tools I have seen and used in years for graphic applications, and to say the least I am pleased to own it. I look forward to your future products, and your common sense approach to "real" functional tools.

Joe Heikenfeld , Ohio , USA

You have a great product (Splitty) and your cost is more than reasonable. I will highly recommend it to friends, family and coworkers. Keep up the good work.

James Tabor , Georgia , USA

Thanks for a superb program (ZMover) I have been using as a registered user for over 21 years. If only Windows and its apps behaved properly, there would be no need for the life-saver software.

Kevin Hisel , Illinois , USA

I have been a licensed user of Horas for many years. I travel extensively internationally on business and having easy access to the time in the various time zones that I visit frequently and where we have clients makes it much more efficient for me in contacting business colleagues at the appropriate time in their time zone (rather than the middle of the night!). Horas is a program that does exactly what it is supposed to do. I consider it a great value for money and do not hesitate to recommend it highly to anyone.

Ray Adams , Montana , USA
President & CFO , Aviation Leasing Group

I had spent hours trying to fix my "disconnect" problem, including hours on the phone with tech support and reloading my entire operating system. Then I tried Rasputin. Wow, everything is working perfectly. Thank you for your wonderful shareware. I actually like my computer again.

Ruth , South Dakota , USA

Reglo is quite possibly the most useful tool a web designer can have!

Neil Salt , Herts , United Kingdom

ZMover is one of the most productive Windows utilities ever made. There still aren't any good replacements for it; even after several years. Most surprising of all... surviving several new generations of Windows OS. Not many software developers can make that claim.

Michael Avanessian , California , USA

As a web designer, I have now five essential tools: an editor, a browser, two books and Reglo.

Stefan Wagner , Schifferstadt , Germany

I've used Horas for as long as I can remember – 1996? 1997? – and I just love it. It's been on every computer I've owned, and I can't tell you how many people I've told to use it (and pay for it!) I'm a writer, and work across lots of time zones. When I travel, I never change my computer to the local time zone – Horas is always open on my desktop. It's an invaluable tool. Over the years, I've looked at similar software, but found none as elegant, simple, small, and easily customized.

Bruce Feirstein , California , USA

I can't live without Rasputin.

Curt Fonger , Florida , USA
Anchor , Fox-29 News

Buzof is a terrific utility. I can't understand how I lived without it!

Rohan Parkes , Melbourne , Australia

Rasputin Kicks Ass! A buddy of mine had me using this ponger program, and I can across your Rasputin and it blows ponger away. Let me tell you how happy I am with the product, I have NEVER tried and then paid for a program off of until Rasputin. Please keep building on the program and keep it as good as it is now! Thank you!

Travis Bonfigli , Maryland , USA