What's New?

Stop wasting time managing windows!

ZMover ZMover
Keep windows and icons arranged on your desktop across all monitors and workplaces.
Buzof Buzof
Answer repetitive and annoying prompts and messages automatically.

Desktop utilities

AppToService AppToService
Run any application 24/7 like a Windows Service without human intervention or interference.
Deletor Deletor
Keep your data safe and tidy by selectively bulk deleting or shredding sensitive and unwanted files. DoD 5220.22-M compliant.
Horas Horas
Display multiple clocks and convert time between zones with this world clock.
BastaPix BastaPix
Measure and capture areas and colors on the screen in a snap with this multi-capture tool.

File Management Tools

Netoscope Netoscope
Monitor and fix Internet services automatically when they fail or falter.
Splitty Splitty
Split huge files (up to 100GB) into smaller manageable files for easy transfer or backup.

Internet Connectivity Tools

Pro Rascal RascalPro RascalPro
Basta broadband and dial-up connection managers help you monitor your Internet connection, keep it alive, automate it, control it and perform remote tasks in your absence.