Basta Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why aren't you replying to my email messages?

Please include the product name and reason for your inquiry in the subject to help prevent anti-spam filters from discarding your messages. Moreover, make sure that your anti-spam filter doesn't reject our messages.

Can I submit my own software to Basta?

The Basta site is a dedicated showcase of Basta products. As such, we do not list software from other authors or publishers.

What is the recommended way to update an existing version of a product?

Close the application if it is currently running, then install the new version without uninstalling the old one.

Why is my product key not working?

This usually happens after installing a major version update that requires a licensing fee. In this case, you can either reinstall the old version or upgrade your licenses.

Why did the evaluation period expire prematurely?

The evaluation mechanism uses the computer clock. Don't change the clock during the evaluation period. If it is too late, try the product on another computer. Registering the product will eliminate the problem. If you've tried our products before and you install a newer version of a product on your computer, you will be given some additional time to evaluate the new features, even if your evaluation time on the previous version had expired.

What are the available payment methods?

Click here for purchasing information.

How long does it take to get an order processed?

We typically email you the receipt within two business days after verifying that your payment has been collected, which:

  • Is immediate with credit cards, money orders, cashier's checks, and cash.
  • Takes a few days with checks drawn on a USA bank account, and a few more otherwise.
Common reasons for not hearing from us:
  • We could not read your hand written email address.
  • You have misspelled your email address.
  • You omitted the domain name portion of your email address.
  • Your FAX is unreadable.
  • Your anti-spam filter has rejected our email message.

If you don't hear from us within the given time frame, please email us at your earliest convenience.

What is the easiest way to purchase upgrade licenses?

Press the "Yes" button in the Welcome window, or the "Purchasing Information" button in the About window. This will open the "Purchasing Information" window. Press the "Quick Online Upgrade" button in that window to open your web browser and navigate to the Basta online order form. If you use a different method to order, be sure to send us your old password to be eligible for the upgrade. Our multiple license discounts apply to upgrades as well.

I launched an application and nothing happened. What's going on?

Some applications are anchored in the system tray, which is where the computer clock is displayed (the bottom right of the desktop by default). Find the icon of the application there by looking for its name in the tool tip that appears when the mouse pointer remains over an icon for a few seconds, then right-click on the icon to invoke the application's menu.

How can I make a product start hidden?

Most of our products start using the same settings they were closed with. If you close a system tray based application such as Rascal or Buzof while its main window is hidden, the window should be hidden the next time you run the application.

How can I backup or transfer my program settings?

The options that you have chosen while using most Basta applications are stored in data files with a ".dat", ".ini", or ".txt" extension. These files are located in the application data folders (typically "C:\Program Files\Basta Computing\..." under Windows 9x/Me or with products released prior to 2004, and "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Basta Computing\..." otherwise). You can transfer options from one installation to another by following the instructions below. This is useful for making a backup of your settings, keeping your home and work settings synchronized, configuring a computer site with many machines, or exchanging settings with friends.

  1. Close the application on the target installation and make a backup of its data file.
  2. Replace the "dat" file on the target installation with the file from the source installation.
  3. The next time you run the application on the target installation, it should reflect the settings of the source installation.

What should I do if Buzof fails to handle a prompt?

The ability of Buzof to dismiss windows depends largely on the design of the application generating them. Buzof covers standard applications using its default "Click 1" action. Other clicking actions are provided to handle non-standard applications such as the popular ones listed below. To modify the action of a handler, click it to select it, then try a different clicking method.

Why am I getting a "connection refused" error while downloading the time in Horas?

Public access to time servers is left at the discretion of their administrators. If you are unable to access a particular time server, choose a different one from the list of servers in Horas or follow the time servers link in the Horas home page to look for an available public time server or simply use the following time server:

Which products help me stay online?

Warning: The ability of connection keepers or "keep alive" programs to keep you connected to the Internet depends on your computer configuration and your Internet service provider (ISP) setup. You should take advantage of our evaluation period to try our products and make sure that they meet your needs before purchasing licenses to use them. Bear in mind that they may stop keeping you from getting disconnected at some later point if your ISP decides to disconnect its customers more aggressively. All connection keeping programs, not just ours, are affected by these circumstances. Try Rasputin, Rascal, or RascalPro to keep you connected to your ISP. If you are prompted to resume your Internet session after a period of inactivity, try Buzof to automatically answer the prompt.

How do I setup Rascal to dial-up automatically on startup?

Run Rascal then press the Start button and don't press the Stop button before closing it. The next time you run it, it should be in the "Start" mode and connect automatically (unless the "Do not dial-up first" option is set).