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PAD Files

The Association of Software Professionals (ASP) has defined a file submission standard called PAD to communicate information about software products to online communities, publishers and vendors.

ProductPAD File
AppToService AppToServiceAppToService.xml
BastaPix BastaPixBastaPix.xml
Buzof BuzofBuzof.xml
Deletor DeletorDeletor.xml
Filo FiloFilo.xml
Horas HorasHoras.xml
Netoscope NetoscopeNetoscope.xml
Rascal RascalRascal.xml
RascalPro RascalProRascalPro.xml
Rasputin RasputinRasputin.xml
Splitty SplittySplitty.xml
ZMover ZMoverZMover.xml