AppToService OEM - Run applications 24/7 unattended

Basta AppToService OEM

AppToService OEM

PurposeRun applications 24/7 unattended
PlatformsWindows 10/Server 2019 down to Vista, 32/64-bit
OEM license$399.95 (major upgrades: $199.95)
Prices in US dollars
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Licensing Information

An OEM license grants you the right to include the current version of AppToService as part of a commercial product distributed by your company (or government agency). This means that you may bundle AppToService for use as a component of a commercial product distributed by your company or as an optional utility to be used in conjunction with a product distributed by your company. You may not, under any circumstances, distribute or resell AppToService as a stand-alone product.

The OEM license entitles your company to distribute an unlimited number of copies of AppToService under the conditions stated above.

When you purchase an OEM license, you will receive the OEM edition of AppToService that is more suitable for distribution. The program file is much smaller than its standard edition counterpart and does not contain an install wizard or registration components such as time locks and nag screens. Moreover, the license agreement is customized to your company and customers, and software registration files are excluded. Your AppToService OEM package will be attached to your e-mail receipt as a small ZIP file.


  • Adding your company name to the program: $100.00
    The main screen will read: Developed for <your company name>
  • Resending the product to licensed customers: $20.00
See AppToService for more information.
See AppToService for more information.